Welcome, in this page you can follow the path of Mauro Talini, diabetic cyclist pedaling from South to North in the world based on solidarity


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Mauro Talini, a diabetic cyclist, an expert in solitary tours, is getting ready to embark in a new extraordinary adventure: to cross the whole American Continent. He will cover 25,000 Km from Ushuaia in Argentina to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, thus building a bridge, not only a symbolic one, between the South and the North of the world, in order to raise funds to support educational projects for Latin American children.

This new endeavour is in continuity with Mauro’s preceding one: “One Bike, a Thousand Hopes,” which he carried out with great success in the year 2009-2010, supporting the educational project of the City of Hope in Riacho Grande (Sao Paolo – Brazil). This new venture, in fact, aims at collecting funds both for the City of Hope project and for the projects in Tucumán, Argentina, and in Maneadero, Mexico.

Through this effort Mauro wishes to emphasize that human limitation does not impede the possibility of living a fully dignified and happy life.

Diabetes no limits”: diabetes in fact does not limit the life of a sportsman like Mauro; rather, with the ventures that he accomplishes, Mauro wishes to make known the numerous benefits that sport produces both on a physical and psychological level.

Poverty no limits”: social degradation, poverty, economical difficulties as well as hygienic-sanitary settings do not preclude for children the possibility of a change in their condition. Thanks to the educational work of the Missionaries, in fact, the Association strives to guarantee for each of them the possibility of human and personal growth.

The courage and tenacity of Mauro are for all of us strength to support those in need and missionaries who daily give their life for humanitarian purposes.

The purpose of this page is to follow and "accompanying" with affection Mauro on the way. Pressing the button on this page you can locate where in the path you are and the steps to progress in solitary ......